What's the best designed Mac app (swift not Electron) you know?

Ahmed Men
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in terms of UX and/or UI, a mac app that makes you feel happyæ


Ignace Maes
TablePlus, the database management tool. It has a simple but great UI, and it's really fast because it's a native app. Honestly, most of the other apps I use often (like VS Code, Slack) are made using Electron.
Ahmed Men
@ignace_maes Thanks Ignace! Yes, the UI looks like a classic mac app, do you have identified what really created this wellness effect while using it? Is it the speed only or some great workflows?
Ahmed Men
@peteliev I really love CleanMyMac X 😍Is it native?
Yevhenii Peteliev 🇺🇦
@demtzu, sure! CleanMyMac developed specifically for macOS operating system. We use Swift with Objective-C to create this amazing application :)
Ahmed Men
@peteliev Wonderful, is the designer available? 😬
Ahmed Men
@chnsydney Hey Sydney : )) Nice one! The prob for me with these touch bar customization apps is that it removes the basic keys (brightness, volume, play, etc.)... I'd have rather appreciated that Apple added a touch bar in addition to the classic keys