What's your main goal for March?

Alex Spitz
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Personally, I'll be traveling to Brazil and I'll have plenty of time to work on my Project Pastick. So my main objective is to have a MVP opened to bêta testers. Yours ?


Devansh Gulhane
Launching a chrome extension for the product
TL Robinson
I'll be completing the MVP development work for my app to end BETA and officially launch.
TL Robinson
@4th_roommate It's going well. The dev is done and approved by both the iOS and Android app stores. Now, it's just a matter of officially pulling the trigger.
Berk Boz
@tl__robinson It's a really inspiring process. Is it for the UP?
Benjamin Vaughan
Launch our new web product. I'd love to beta test your product if you want to beta test mine?
Jaryd Hermann
@benjidisciple I'd be happy to help out! We can exchange feedback. Send me your link. Ours is www.seroqio.com - if you join the slack channel I'll send the prototype over to you.
Alisa Smelkova
Nice topic! Could we make it monthly? I want to complete new goals feature for Vectorly!
Gustavo Martucci
Getting 5 paying customers (we're launching our product between today and tomorrow)
Dave Mackey
Getting a new, remote development job. :)
Irina Seng
Great topic👍 I plan to build a Vectorly community and working on content marketing
Alex Spitz
@irina_seng Hi Irina, since you are quite in marketing as I can see, do you have any tip you could send to me for when I launch my project ? Cuz I am such a newbie when it comes to marketing and growing a community. You can send me a private message if you are ok to help me out here :)
Barry Williams
my goal would be to have anyone in the world trial (Free trial) my new workforce management software www.seemysite.co and give me some feedback on what I can do better with it...thanks
Thomas Gariel
Hopefully I'll launch my web app and get > 30 users! Whish me luck! 🤞
Launch a new Ship page for an exciting Product Hunt launch later in the year...
Lisa Skilu
Hinestly, my main goal is to watch an NBA game. I know that a lot of people are betting on sport and also watch it online. I really like to watch nba and also decided to start betting on sport using https://hoopsbetz.com/nba-scores/ which is a perfect way to make additional money as well.
Sam Palumbo
To get my new T-shirt store more visibility
Jamie Gilman
To finish a calendar integration for my web app and start buying some online ads - as a designer/developer I've no experience in marketing!
Saurabh Lakshman
Ideate and execute 2-3 growth hacking experiments to get 500 sign ups for my social app (https://www.goqloak.com)
Jamie Gilman
@saurabhl91 Out of interest, what are you going to try?
Saurabh Lakshman
@jamiegilman I haven't really figured it out yet. Will be checking out resources from PH over the next couple of days for ideas. Any suggestions welcome - looking to grow App downloads for my social app - Qloak.
Ruben Lozano
Create a Optimisation Framework for campaigns on Google Ads.
Ruben Lozano
@brett_friedman Sounds good man! I would like to. Let's connect and see if we could arrange a meeting for the next week.
Jaryd Hermann
We're launching our MVP for our app, Seroqio - we're making it easy to get smarter about things that matter with personalized learning playlists! If anyone would like to join as a beta user and help us with feedback - I'd greatly appreciate it. You can help out by checking us out here: www.seroqio.com
My goal is to stay healthy and finish the MVP for my project Ritualin. (https://www.producthunt.com/upco...)
Andreea Balasa
Grow our community of Lumio customers 🚀 https://apple.co/2VMGsUx
Rohit Lakhotia
Getting around 250 unique visitors to my newly created website.