Best product roadmap tools?

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What are the best product roadmap tools for collaboration and communication? Why?


Ivan  Popov
@lewii So, I tried lots of web tools and services for roadmaps, but no one could be better than marker desk and brainstorm with your colleagues​
Ferenc Forgacs
@lewii background story: I worked at an agency for years as the leader of the development team and because of the nature of the projects we worked on (crazy deadlines, disappearing clients, etc) in practice, we could never truly use a roadmap tool because maintaining the timeline would take too much effort and energy. But, Asana and Roadmap were always on my list to give them a try.
Chris Kirschke
@lewii we've used Aha and tried Productboard and both are awesome and offer startup plans. That being said you need to decide if they are really necessary first. Keep in mind that all of these compete against Excel and Powerpoint at the end of the day.
Justin Hales
@lewii our team uses Coda to collaborate around our product roadmap. We found these templates super helpful: We found that a lot of other software tools weren't flexible enough for our team, but spreadsheets sprawled our data across dozens of files. What's nice about Coda is that it's a new type of document that lets our team have flexibility AND have a source of truth for our roadmap. Maybe worth giving it a shot. Also agree with @kirschke that most teams end up doing work in documents anyway (hence our team using Coda as our go-to document). Note: I'm on the Coda team, so I'm biased :)