How can I make my business more productive?

Lisa Skilu
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How can I make my business more productive?


Automate as much processes as possible.
Renato Barba
Keep it lean, build clear structures and responsibilities, make quick decisions
Andreea Balasa
I think it also comes down to knowing your team's strengths, finding what works for you and working together towards achieving common goals. Having everyone on board with your business goals is essential because it sets a particular mindset. People know what they are working towards. A good culture within the work-space can take your business to a totally different level 😍
Blake Manzo
At Tellus, we have this concept of "constantly unblocking each other" The first part of everyones day goes towards tasks you need to clear off your plate that someone else is waiting on from you, or anything else that you can do to help other people be more productive
Austin Marks
Write down goals for the day, every day!
Robert Zalaudek
I think it's a matter of first understanding in what aspects of the business it makes the most difference to be more productive. Have you defined what those areas are?
Mark Carn
Hope this helps
Mateusz Goleń
Automate your marketing process :) U can use Active Campaign, of OpenSource Mautic. You should use some project management tool to better way to management your taska and project. I recommend @taagly (
Streamlining discussions and decision-making and capturing them in a searchable archive in order to minimize duplication of effort throughout your business. Using a discussion platform such a TribePulse promotes thoughtful discussion which then becomes a searchable archive that acts as a base of your business' collective wisdom.
Lisa Skilu
There are a lot of ways to make business more effective, to know a lot about it and also to ensure that it will be having a high quality. As for me, I read an article that helped me to get more information about how to make the business profitable, how to organize the work in a team, etc.
Elen Udovichenko
Here are some of the tactics that we've tried: - Start with the personal productivity of each team member - limit unnecessary meetings, allow people to work remotely (if they want to - at least, this worked pretty well for me personally),celebrate their achievements and incentivize initiatives. - Invest in staff onboarding and training - after all, your team is arguably the most important business asset you can have! - Automate as many routine tasks as possible (as @andrefuchs has mentioned) - the more time your team can dedicate to the value-generating activities the better. - Build rapport and alignment between different departments within your company (especially sales and marketing) Talking about your sales team specifically, here's a more detailed article on how to make it more productive -