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Jimi Desmet
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Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great day, and that your projects are going well. Today, I need your help to fill a survey for a research I am leading on the challenges SaaS founders come across with communication and marketing. I am leading this research as part of my master's degree in International Communication, and will only be using the answers collected anonymously for this dissertation. Once finished, I'll be able to share the results of my research with the people interested. So if you have 10 minutes, you could help me by sharing your personal experience here: https://forms.gle/WSRM2UC3pRtuoxKE9 Also you could share the link to other SaaS founders and interested entrepreneurs you know, it would literally save me. Thanks in advance and have a wonderful day :)


Karl Rinderknecht
hey @jimi_desmet - just completed the survey for you. Very straightforward. Care to share what you plan to use the information for? Might entice more people to take it! 😎
Jimi Desmet
Hi @_karlr , first of all, thank you very much for your participation, it means a lot! And you're right, I wanted to make my post as short as possible, but explaining the purpose is necessary, so I'll edit the post :) As part of my master's degree in International Communication, I am writing a dissertation on the challenges related to communication and marketing SaaS founders come across when working on their project. The answers will stay anonymous and will only be used for this dissertation, which will be written in French, as I studied in France. Once I'm done with the writing, I'll be pleased to share the results of my research to anyone interested :)
Karl Rinderknecht
@jimi_desmet Awesome. Sounds like a great topic and I'm sure the PH community will love to read your paper when it's done (or maybe a punchy blog post / synopsis)!
Frederick Sieber
I really want your assistance to fill a review for an examination I am driving on the difficulties SaaS organizers run over with correspondence and for more information about https://letsgradeit.com/review/ivypanda/ as a feature of my graduate degree in International Communication, and may be utilizing the responses gathered secretly for this thesis.
Danny Acton
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