0 to 1 Sustainable Content Creation Framework. AMA

Johan Cutych
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πŸ€” What is this? The easiest way to produce purposeful content for indie hackers and small businesses. To get from 0 to 1. To get used to be in front of camera/mic and share your experience. To help others on their journey. βœ… Who is this for? This is a simple and specific step-by-step framework designed for indie hackers & companies who know the importance of content for success but struggle with starting and staying consistent. 🚫Who is this not for? Companies that do not believe video/audio content is important for their success as well as for companies and content creators that already found what works for them and established their own content creation cycle. πŸ€”Who the hell are am I to tell you what to do? I am co-founder of a small bootstrapped startup that understands producing content is crucial. However, limited resources won't allow us to compete with big dogs that are able to hire professional teams to do all this for them. We are your peers that tried and failed to produce content for more than 5 years. Many times. We decided to build Welder exactly for this purpose - to sustainably produce impactful content. And by building it, using it, and getting in touch with many content creators we found a great way to go from 0 to 1. What's the result of doing this? πŸ‘‰ Shortly β€” building a strong foundation of your content creation cycle. But there are many benefits of producing content this way: - You get used to being in front of the camera and producing content - You communicate better with your team and get new ideas out of interesting discussions - You get used to a routine of putting yourself out there - You learn more about your target audience and where they spend time and what they strive for - You start building a small but strong core of followers which will allow you to grow - You meet interesting and amazing people! - You attract new customers to your product and make your current customers stick - You set a building block for your personal/company brand and start building brand-love - You have a system in place that will constantly feed you with great new ideas on how to improve your content - And most importantly you will learn a lot about yourself Check out how we execute this framework - https://www.youtube.com/channel/... Step 1 β€” Identify what to talk about and why πŸ‘‰ Shortly β€” Share the knowledge and intellectual property you as a company built and own. That's your expertise. That's what will bring value to your target audience. You, as the founder (or even product manager, designer, developer), and your co-workers are probably experts in the field of your product. Your knowledge could help many people achieve their goals. They will know you as the thought leader and ask for your services. It will also build trust with your customers, add extra value and make them stick with you. Again, this is the most simple way to talk about things that are valuable for your target audience. But there are many more amazing things you can talk about. TODO for Step 1 - [ ] Assess what's your expertise. - [ ] Describe your target audience, try to get to the core. Think about that 1 person that would love your content. - [ ] Write down 10 possible topics you could share with your audience and bring them value. Step 2 β€” The sustainable format πŸ‘‰ Shortly β€” Record 10-50 minute discussion with your co-workers on a given topic each week. On location or record interviews remotely - https://www.getwelder.com/remote... Now you know what you should talk about. It's simple, eh? There is no need to overthink this when all you need is to just start. The same goes for your format. The easiest way for people to share their knowledge is through a genuine discussion. Just like talking to a friend. So let's replicate that. Sit each week for 10-50 minutes with your co-workers and record a video podcast - https://www.getwelder.com/video-... on a given topic (you defined above). Record yourself, boom! πŸ’₯ Your first actual content is done! But first - set up the discussion circle Take one or more of your co-workers. The ones that always have those long debates or even disputes with you and tend to go deeeep in the subject. They are your best candidates. Or any co-worker who believes in content and is down to experiment with you. Now let's make the discussion great again This is super simple. Just take the topic and prepare a few abstract questions you would like to discuss. That will be your structure. How to record it? Shameless plug β€” Welder - https://www.getwelder.com/. Well, that's why we built it. Everyone has a computer with a webcam and mic (or you can use a phone as a webcam - https://www.getwelder.com/blog/u.... We are all remote right now. So we sit in front of Welder and hit record. As a result, we have full-quality recordings of our discussions. If you are not remote you can just purchase a camera & mic, set it up and start recording. The discussions might feel a bit awkward and the results might seem not that valuable at first. That's completely normal though. You are learning and it will get easier for you along the way. Just stick with it! This is the most straightforward and easy to sustain the framework. Of course, there are other ways to produce content, but this works for us really well. We are busy focusing on growing Welder and this is the easiest way to produce valuable content for people like us. TODO for Step 2 - [ ] Get 1 or more people to discuss with you weekly. - [ ] Take 1 topic prepared in Step 1 and prepare a few abstract questions you would like to discuss. - [ ] Research Welder or create on-location recording setup (camera & mic) I am preparing steps 3. (Consistency) and 4. (Distribution). So stay tuned! Ask me anything about this process! Happy to answer ANY QUESTION!
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