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Record your family's most precious memories with just a phone call. 📞 Receive 3 life story phone prompts a week (or call-in whenever) 🎤 Recorded answers are transcribed and shared with family ✍️ Download recordings or add custom prompts at any time!
Robin Bhattacharya
Liran Rosenfeld
Pablo and 27 others use Storii
Easily get water out of your phone's speakers without a technician! It works by playing a special tone that generates sound waves at a frequency that causes the water to be ejected from your smart phone's speakers.
Albite Zurita
Raya Sen
Rituja Sen
Albite Zurita and 146 others use Water Out Of Speaker
Zora Learning
25 reviews
Do you like: Dinosaurs? Pirates? Space Zombies? Zora can craft a personalized story for you that adapts to your reading level! Create your own characters and explore new genres. With each chapter, Zora adapts and grows with your ability!
Andrew Brackin
Salar Davari
Apoorv Agrawal
Andrew Brackin and 34 others use Zora Learning
16 reviews
FlipJungle: The AI EdTech revolution for K-12. Experience 1:1 AI tutoring, emotion-sensing diaries, and a multilingual platform in 7 languages. Join and redefine education! -multi-scenario AI Job simulation -group study and personalized 1:1 AI classes for an active to earn -world first large multimodal edtech
Annie Chopra
Colt Francis
Hieu and 25 others use FlipJungle empowers kids and teens to explore AI and data science through interactive activities, personalised content, AI tutor, and gamified learning for self-paced education
Mingxuan Chen
Ghost Kitty
Shrikanth Neeragunda Keshava
Mingxuan Chen and 35 others use Hello AI -
Introducing Dorosi AI 🚀! With minimal effort, transform imaginative snippets into rich narratives accompanied by breathtaking images. Whether you're a newbie or an experienced IP creator, Dorosi AI crafts tales that captivate both the eye and the mind. 🌟
เจษฎาภรณ์ ทองอิ่ม
เจษฎาภรณ์ ทองอิ่ม and 25 others use Dorosi AI - For All Story Dreamers
11 reviews
Crafted for the next generation, DoDoboo brings children into the realm of the coolest, safest, and most thrilling AI escapades! It's more than just doodling; it's about fostering joyful and wholesome development. With DoDoboo, kids unleash their creative genius while having an absolute blast! We're dedicated to infusing art with excitement and making bonding moments truly unforgettable. Join the DoDoboo revolution today and let the creativity flow!
Myles Liu
Saya Chen
zjemml liu
Myles Liu and 15 others use Dodoboo
39 reviews
Letterloop lets you create private group newsletters with friends and family. Stay in touch, grow closer together, and discover things you never knew with the most important people in your life — all over email. ⠀ Get started at
Tomas Laurinavicius
Sam Liebeskind
Anu and 12 others use Letterloop
Augie Storyteller harnesses AI to create mesmerizing bedtime stories with auto-generated video clips. Experience personalized, visually engaging tales that spark imagination and bring joy to bedtime. Perfect for parents seeking magical storytelling adventures.
Jeremy Toeman
RJ Cruz
Selina Wragg
Jeremy Toeman and 29 others use Augie Storyteller
6 reviews
Proactio teaches kids how time works, so they can make the most of it. You simply input your daily routine, and set the finish time. Proactio builds a visual timer, & shows the passage of time. Dynamic blocks of "free time" grow when kids complete tasks early
Beth-Ann Sher
Marie Marshall
Beth-Ann Sher uses Proactio