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3 alternative and related products to You Got This! Zine by Glitch

You Got This! Zine by Glitch
A zine all about making web apps

A free, 20-page zine about making web apps with Node.js.

Learn some of the key concepts to create web apps, including:

- How web servers work

- The anatomy of a web app

- What is npm?

- Understanding asynchronous programming

Plus, learn how Cassidy Williams, Steve Klabnik & Saron Yitbarek got into coding, and find out our top tips for new coders.

DigitalOcean App Platform
A reimagined PaaS (Platform as a Service) for all your apps
3 Alternatives to You Got This! Zine by Glitch

Grow is a thought leadership platform that shines a light on people, companies and trends challenging the status quo. It's available on the web and as a magazine, distributed in the UK.

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Facebook has moved into print for the first time with a new quarterly magazine aimed at reaching "business leaders". However the US social media giant has insisted its new marketing product is not a magazine, although it carries interviews with leading business figures.
4 Alternatives to Grow by Facebook

I love zines and learning about development, so thought it'd be fun to gather together links to some of the best zines on topics of interest to developers - from AI, to game dev, Git, and coding. There are tech zine events and resources to make zines too.

10 Alternatives to Dev Zines!
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