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Ticketier alternatives and competitors

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We're a layer on top of existing helpdesks like Zendesk and we help transform your workspace into a beautiful interface that helps support agents get full context on the customer, have automated responses, and make the agent responses feel more human.
Top Ticketier alternatives
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  • Help desk software for a more human & helpful experience
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  • A new and better way to support your customers. Groove 2.0 helps you turn your customer interactions into meaningful conversations and stronger relationships. Comprised of a simple yet powerful multi-channel shared Inbox, Knowledge Base, and Reports, Groove 2.0 is a perfect alternative to overly complicated and overpriced help desk solutions.

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    Please support us with Trello integration. Make videos, tutorials or whatever. Thank u guys.

  • It's a simple as Gmail for teams and we have a flat fee to include your whole team without worrying about agent fee. We believe having your whole team to do support will improve your support and team morale.
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  • HelpSpace will simplify your support by piping all emails into a beautiful dashboard. You have multiple e-Mail addresses for different products? No problem, you can add multiple email channels and much more.
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  • Hiver

    An email collaboration platform built for G Suite, Hiver lets teams manage shared inboxes like sales@ support@ right from Gmail.

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  • Meet HelpDesk – a ticketing system designed to be the simplest tool there is to manage email communication with customers.
    We created HelpDesk with two goals in mind: to cut down the efforts of your support team and to make your support emails more friendly..
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    Great smallbiz help desk software

  • Ticksy

    For support agents, Ticksy is a breath of fresh air and a breeze to use.

    But more importantly, it’s an absolute joy for your customers.

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  • Full Help

    A self-hosted help desk and multi-knowledge base system for small businesses and freelancers. Full Help has everything you need to provide customer service in an efficient way. Reached #8 on Hacker News front page! Use code "producthunt" to get 25% off!
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  • Zenbox gives a tindersque approach to how pending customer queries are presented and handled by a customer support rep. It is a minimalist inbox that combines pending conversations across mutliple channels and allows you to get through them quickly.
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  • Halp is a conversational ticketing platform for employees to create, respond to, and manage requests. We started on Slack and today we are officially launching on Microsoft Teams! Turn any message in Teams into a ticket and sync it with your help desk.
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  • JitBit SaaS HelpDesk may be built for ease of use but it surely doesn’t skimp on functionalities. Our main focus is your team productivity - we want you to be able to reply to more support tickets faster using our customer service tool.
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    I've tested this helpdesk and was really pleased with it and it was in my top-3 list. We ended up with Zendesk but that was only because of …

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  • Directly is a leader in support automation, helping enterprise companies launch and train virtual agents with our expert-in-the-loop AI platform.
    Instead of only addressing the easiest FAQs, enable your virtual agent to handle far more volume.
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    Good clientele

  • Noora is a centralized product feedback solution that gives you the tools to collect, aggregate and act on feedback from customers and internal teams.
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  • TextChat is a live chat tool that sends notifications to our users’ native texting app and links them to chat directly in their mobile browser of choice. If you can text, you can TextChat.
    Check out our launch video! --> https://bit.ly/2FyRrek
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