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Engagement platform to make your team the best it can be

Teambit is an engagement platform that empowers your team to perform the best it can by making feedback a daily habit.

7 alternative and related products to Teambit


Build a more effective and happier team in less time 🔨😍👍

WorkStyle is your team’s digital organisational psychologist, helping to improve productivity, happiness and retention. Create a team hub where you can learn how each team member does their best work and understand what personalities will complement your team’s effectiveness.

16 Alternatives to WorkStyle


An app to make your 1:1 and Team Meetings more productive

SoapBox is an app for one-on-ones and team meetings. Build agendas, collaborate pre, during and post-meeting all in one place. Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams and Google make it so you never have to leave the tools you love to have more productive meetings.

7 Alternatives to SoapBox

What's the simplest way to manage work for a team of 10 or less?

Yash ShahCo-founder & CEO,
Trello - Organize anything, together
"Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details."
Asana - The task management tool, completely redesigned
"We've relied on this for 6 years+. It keeps getting better."

What are the best tools for 1 on 1 meetings?

Zakhar Ristarov
Zoom - Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings
"I'd pick for remote 1-1 meetings. Infinitely better than Skype, Hangouts or GoToMeeting."
Teambit - Engagement platform to make your team the best it can be
"You can take a look at Teambit (I'm one of the co-founders here). Using lightweight surveys you can prepare the agenda for each week's meet… See more

What is the best way to manage a group/team of 2-4 people?

Patrick PistorFulltime Maker
Trello - Organize anything, together
"For small groups I like to put everything into Trello. Can't beat it in terms of simplicity - but is also highly configurable and extensibl… See more 3.0 - Organize all aspects of your life with
"Some people use messaging apps like Slack or Facebook Messenger, but it lacks structure for tasks. Check out It supports shared t… See more
Asana - The task management tool, completely redesigned
"I still think Asana is the best tool for everything from "quick jot down a couple tasks" to planning a big project. Free up to 15 folks."

What's the best tools you can use to run a remote web agency?

Edvins Antonovsmaker • husband • father
Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
"It's the best choice for remote communication :)"
InVision - Prototyping and collaboration for design teams
"Will help you to collaborate on the web designs remotely"
Teambit - Engagement platform to make your team the best it can be
"To run any kind of business, especially a remote one, it’s crucial to ensure that people are aligned and engaged. Couple of years back we … See more
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