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What is Gust?
Gust is the world’s largest online platform and community for early stage finance, from pitch to exit.

Gust tech stack

We're aware of 9 technologies that Gust is built with. Gust utilizes products like Intercom, Facebook in their tech stack

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Gust Launch

Gust Launch is the one click solution for founding and managing a high-growth startup. A unique 'software as a service' platform, Gust Launch incorporates your startup as a Delaware C corp, files with the IRS, sets up your equity, and then handles ALL of your legal, accounting, stock and banking needs as you grow...starting at only $99/month.

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Drophook Fishing App

Drophook Fishing App is like Instagram for Fishing. Influencer marketing allows users to make educated impulse buys in the social feed with a few taps. Compete in weekly tournaments, connect with fellow anglers, meet new fishing friends, or find fishing guides and products. Currently raising a seed round to build out monetization.

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