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Sortd for Gmail

Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

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Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

Mixmax is your Gmail right-hand. It shows you a read report of your emails, gives you an easy way to schedule your meetings, creates finished emails from templates in a click, lets you schedule when a message should be sent and recall your already sent one to correct it if needed and these are not all of the reasons why you are going to love it.

Douglas Evaristo- Front End
I use Mixmax at a long time and recommended. The only deficiency I feel is a mobile application (or web app).
Patrick Kanaley- Biz Dev @ BrandYourself
Mixmax also has a desktop app – weak spot is mobile, but supposedly in the works. Very much a desktop tool at the moment, but our team uses and loves it.
Komal Agarwal
Seamless integration into Gmail through Chrome and works on all types of computers. Offers a reliable email tracking feature as well as a bunch of other features.
Olof Mathé- Co-founder & CEO,
Hi I’m Olof from Mixmax! Mixmax lets you send more effective emails from Gmail so you can get back to work. Here are five features I use every day: instant scheduling, email tracking, templates, polls & in-email apps. We just opened up / removed the waitlist and are keen to have your feedback!
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Transform your Gmail into organized task lists

Transform your Gmail into organized Task Lists. Drag’s free Task List app turns your inbox into a manageable workspace (just like Trello, but for Gmail). Drag ‘n drop your emails between stages; To Do, Doing and Done, and customize them. It makes the hours spent in your inbox a whole lot easier and more organized.

Nick Timms-
Drag's a little different from some of these To-Do apps. It helps organize your inbox (just like Trello, for Gmail).
Nick Abouzeid 🕴- Social & Ship at Product Hunt
Turns your Gmail into a Kanban board - super useful if you like the web client and can't handle tons of incoming mail 💌
Daniel Wilkinson- Crowdfunder
Organize your Gmail into Lists. Drag transforms Gmail into Lists for you to Drag n’ Drop (just like Trello, but for Gmail).
About 6 months ago, we noticed people were wasting time in their inbox. So we had the idea of Drag and we decided it was a good idea. But an idea isn't enough. The good news is that we've learnt to execute too. It means we're now two weeks away from launching Drag (Live on ...
On 19th May 2017, we were lucky to get 600+ upvotes on Product Hunt. It made us a Top Hunted product (meaning we were a Top 5 global product launch). More importantly, it meant we were showcased to the entire PH community as a Top Hunt.
for The Muse Are Gmail and Chrome your go-to tools? If you responded with an enthusiastic "yes," then I'm about to make your life a whole lot easier. I've scrounged up some of the best Chrome extensions to make getting through email easier, faster, and even more fun!
2 Alternatives to DragApp

Unibox for iOS

Your emails organized by person

Lasse Jansen- Co-founder @uniboxapp
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @orteipps for hunting us! Recently there have been many attempts to get ever growing inboxes under control. With Unibox we introduce a very unique, yet very simple solution to this problem by grouping emails by sender, meaning that every sender appears only once in the inbox overview. Essentially all other email apps, incl… See more
2 Alternatives to Unibox for iOS

What's the best lightweight CRM that supports tagging?

Hunter WalkPartner, Homebrew
Airtable 2.0 - Beyond the spreadsheet
"Been meaning to write a blawg post on this at some point, but I ended up using Airtable for this approach (I think Ryan Hoover also goes th… See more
Streak - CRM in your inbox - for Gmail
"Adding recommendations from other folks on twitter/fb so there's a single list"
Freshsales CRM - A full-fledged CRM for high-velocity sales teams.
"Would recommend you to take a look at Freshsales CRM. Has export and integration with Gmail. Even has a free version for starters."

What is your favorite todo list?

Joshua DanceEngineer, Product Manager, athlete
Todoist 10 for iOS - A completely new Todoist for iOS
"i use it"
Trello - Organize anything, together
"I recommend To-Do for Tasks involving multiple stakeholders and lots of intricacies for everything else - Wunderlist."

Which project management tool that has slack integration works best for you as a software company?

Art McPhee - Growth Director FishpointerFishpointer free interactive fishing app
Trello - Organize anything, together
"We have been using trello since the beginning and it is the easiest to start using it for literally any kind of project management. It has … See more

What are the best free tools, methods, extensions, add-ons for organizing email?

John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast
Sortd for Gmail - Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists
"This little chrome extension allows you to view your gmail as trello like lists with emails (and added notes) as cards in that list. Very u… See more
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