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Sortd for Gmail

Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

6 alternative and related products to Sortd for Gmail


Instant scheduling, tracking, templates, polls in Gmail

Chad Carleton- Owner
Use this everyday. I don't take advantage of the sequences, but open notifications and unique URL's for each email are freaking sweet.
Has *almost* everything you might need out of a Gmail extension in a single package - open tracking, enhancements when composing mails, a basic CRM/mail merge tool etc. The only major thing missing is a way of organising the mail or turning it into tasks, so you have to combine with another plugin for that - sortd or Handle. Considering that so many Gmail p… See more
Chris Messina- 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
Mixmax offers a great tool for sending out polls via Gmail.
Olof Mathé- Co-founder & CEO,
Hi I’m Olof from Mixmax! Mixmax lets you send more effective emails from Gmail so you can get back to work. Here are five features I use every day: instant scheduling, email tracking, templates, polls & in-email apps. We just opened up / removed the waitlist and are keen to have your feedback!
7 Alternatives to Mixmax


Transform your Gmail into organized task lists

Nick Timms-
Drag's a little different from some of these To-Do apps. It helps organize your inbox (just like Trello, for Gmail).
Nick Abouzeid 🕴- Social & Ship at Product Hunt
Turns your Gmail into a Kanban board - super useful if you like the web client and can't handle tons of incoming mail 💌
Daniel Wilkinson- Crowdfunder
Organize your Gmail into Lists. Drag transforms Gmail into Lists for you to Drag n’ Drop (just like Trello, but for Gmail).
2 Alternatives to DragApp

Unibox for iOS

Your emails organized by person

Lasse Jansen- Co-founder @uniboxapp
Hello Product Hunt, and thanks to @orteipps for hunting us! Recently there have been many attempts to get ever growing inboxes under control. With Unibox we introduce a very unique, yet very simple solution to this problem by grouping emails by sender, meaning that every sender appears only once in the inbox overview. Essentially all other email apps, incl… See more
2 Alternatives to Unibox for iOS

What are must-have Chrome Extensions?

Stefan TheofilosUI/UX Designer, Lucro Solutions
Grammarly for Chrome - Clear, effective, mistake-free writing everywhere you type.
"Helps dramatically improve written communications every day."
The Great Suspender - Auto-suspend inactive tabs to reduce memory usage of chrome
"Chrome is a memory and battery hog. The Great Suspender helps reduce Chrome's resource consumption."
Pocket for Web - Save things for later with Pocket, refreshed with a new look
"I love using this because it will save the permanent copy of the content even if the page no longer exists, they allow you to update the co… See more

What is your favorite todo list?

Joshua DanceEngineer, Product Manager, athlete
Todoist 10 for iOS - A completely new Todoist for iOS
"i use it"
Trello - Organize anything, together
"I recommend To-Do for Tasks involving multiple stakeholders and lots of intricacies for everything else - Wunderlist."

Which project management tool that has slack integration works best for you as a software company?

Art McPhee - Growth Director FishpointerFishpointer free interactive fishing app
Trello - Organize anything, together
"We have been using trello since the beginning and it is the easiest to start using it for literally any kind of project management. It has … See more

What are the best free tools, methods, extensions, add-ons for organizing email?

John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast
Sortd for Gmail - Trello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists
"This little chrome extension allows you to view your gmail as trello like lists with emails (and added notes) as cards in that list. Very u… See more
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