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Artist designed webcam covers for digital privacy.

3 Alternatives to PEEPING TOMS

Thinnest, most ergonomic & seamless webcam privacy cover

IS|CC is the world's most elegant, aesthetic, ergonomic and seamless camera privacy solution. Designed for people who like to have more privacy, security and peace of mind when using smartphones, tablets and computers!

Kate- Head of Social @ GitHub
I saw this on Product Hunt a few months ago and instantly thought, "FINALLY". I'm a snob for maintaining the clean lines of my MBP / tech and hate messing with the aesthetics. Plus, I have video calls at least three times a week for work (#remotelife) so a sticker or band-aid is far from practical. This little "switch" makes privacy attainable and trendy and… See more
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia- Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp
I saw this on someone's laptop finally last month. It is as good as their marketing. I would highly recommend this because it's low profile and easy to use/remove if you need to.
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Intelligent Security | Camera Cover - Webcam Privacy Cover IS|CC is the world's thinnest, most ergonomic and seamless mechanical webcam privacy cover. Designed for people who like to have more privacy, security and peace of mind when using smartphones, tablets and computers! - The Intelligent Security Team
Ensure your most connected devices aren't disobeying your privacy and keeping you out of ease from potential data breaches and security threats. Have peace of mind with the only type of product that guarantees 100% privacy from camera espionage when you decide.
Digital Trends
One of the most unsettling revelations to come from Edward Snowden's leak of classified documents is the National Security Agency's (NSA) ability to hack into our webcams. The NSA is so sophisticated, it has specific tools to take over devices, hijack microphones, snap clandestine photos, and even record videos, according to The Intercept.
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Stickers that cover up those annoying lights on Spectacles 🕶

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Just when you thought personal privacy was as dead as it could ever get, someone has devised a way to allow Snapchat's trendy new Spectacles to record you and everyone else without you realizing it. Hooray for innovation! One of the biggest cases against Google Glass was that you never knew when someone was actually recording you.
5 Alternatives to Spectaholes
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