Alternative products to Gear 360

25 alternative and related products to Gear 360

Gear 360

Capture stunning 360 video for virtual reality, by Samsung

25 Alternatives to Gear 360

Share an immersive view of your world

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Since inception, Facebook users have uploaded over 70 million 360 photos. And of these 70 million 360 photos, exactly zero were taken using Facebook's built-in camera. Starting today, that all changes. Users can now take 360 videos from the Facebook app itself, and upload them instantly for viewing on their Timeline, in albums, or Groups.
No more frustrating zoom-in/zoom-out. Facebook finally made a modern way to view panoramas and VR photos with your phone. Its new feature "360 Photos" rolls out tomorrow on iOS, Android, web, and Gear VR, and it will democratize creation of 360 and VR content. You can see Mark Zuckerber...
25 Alternatives to Facebook 360 Photos

The 360° camera that shoots larger-than-life video.

Rylo is an amazing new 360° action camera that allows you to shoot now and frame later. Built by the makers of Hyperlapse, Rylo gives you cinematic image stabilization, allows you to control the speed of your video, and reframe your shot to capture the important parts of your experience.

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Alex Karpenko hands me a camera and tells me to run. We're standing on a pier in San Francisco, and the device in Karpenko's hand is an unreleased prototype of a new, software-driven video camera called Rylo. Karpenko wants me to see what he and co-founder Chris Cunningham show recruits and investors when they ask why they should get involved.
The Verge
Just like the $299 Insta360 One or the $799 GoPro Fusion, Rylo is a 360-degree camera that's not really about filming 360-degree photos and videos. Rylo, which costs $499 and goes on sale today, is a dual-lens camera that lets you do creative things with the full 360-degree sphere of imagery, like transforming it into a regular, flat video that you can refra… See more
6 Alternatives to Rylo

Explore & book travel experiences via 360° videos

A mobile travel guide that uses 360° video to let travellers explore & book things to do. Lookaround features the first in the world 360° travel vlog from local insiders that give hints on topics such as eating out, shopping, clubbing and sightseeing. What are you waiting? Download the app and have a look around!

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VeeR VR Blog
Have you ever tried to look for a bar at night in an unfamiliar city, but ended up at an awful and expensive place or even found nothing? Do you want to live like a local when travelling to a new place and experience a hip, exotic and authentic lifestyle?
Play SRF
6 Alternatives to Lookaround

What used to take hours in after Effets can now be done live in AR! Type anything in 3D and add it to your world! Use emojis, a weather widget, add some snow falling, or even some bokeh effects to your shots! Photo or video, portrait or landscape. Perfect for Stories and social media posts with! Ideal for 3D birthday cards and product promo videos!

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One of the biggest features to come to iOS 11 is ARKit, enabling developers to open up your world to a whole new kind of gaming and discovery system. Instead of being limited to the screen, you can play on surfaces big and small and you can play with others.
If you got a new iPhone for Christmas or an old iPad that runs iOS 11, you need to try an augmented reality app. Here are the ones to try first.
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After dropping the first iOS 11.3 beta last week, Apple developers wasted little time in getting to work on a preview of what we'll see this spring during the public release. For an iOS update that features four new Animoji, it almost feels strange talking about anything other than karaoke with Apple's new lion, bear, ...
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19 Alternatives to #wordup AR Camera

Insta360 One is a 360-degree camera with 4K capability and more for $299!

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The Insta360 brand has quickly become known for consumer 360 photography products, and the new Insta360 One is its latest device designed for mobile immersive imaging. The new Insta360 One offers 4K video resolution, and 24 MP stills, as well as the ability to work in a completely standalone mode, remotely with your phone as a Bluetooth controller, and plugg… See more
Insta360 has been working feverishly these last 12 months to deliver the latest and greatest 360 camera technology for every segment of the market. However, there was a pretty significant gap in their product line between their $129 Insta360 Air, $199 Insta 360 Nano and $3499 Insta360 Pro.
4 Alternatives to Insta 360 One

360 virtual tour creation platform

Viewplex is a 360 virtual tour creation platform for your 360 degree images. It creates virtual simulations using images clicked through any 360 degree-enabled camera, which are stitched together and can then be accessed through a VR headset. The Viewplex experience is created in ultra high-definition 8K resolution.

4 Alternatives to Viewplex

The Live Planet VR System is a powerful, fully-integrated solution for creating immersive video experiences, enabling anyone to easily and quickly capture and distribute dramatically better stereoscopic VR video easier than any other method.

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360 Rumors
Live Planet has launched a professional 3D 360 camera with live streaming and realtime stitching, offering what may be one of the easiest workflows for professional 3D 360 cameras. Here is a hands-on report. Live Planet is a very compact 4K 3D 360 camera with sixteen lenses.
HD Video Pro
A significant challenge with any new technology is that oftentimes you'll find gaps in the system. It's one of the main issues affecting a wider implementation of virtual reality: Some companies may offer a great piece of VR hardware, but the software or mobile apps aren't quite up to the task.
Live Planet has announced the Live Planet VR System, an end-to-end solution to capturing, editing and delivering immersive 360-degree content to viewers.
LOS ANGELES and SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Live Planet, Inc., creator of next-generation media technologies, today announced the...
On Tuesday, Live Planet, Inc. unveiled the full-system release of its end-to-end virtual reality (VR) video solution: The Live Planet VR System. The system allows users to capture and share stereoscopic VR video more quickly and easily than other methods, RJ Wafer, Live Planet's Chief Revenue Officer, told TechRepublic.
Creating 360-degree video can be time-consuming. Taking footage from multiple cameras and stitching it together is the first step, then the producer has to think about how to encode it for viewing on different VR platforms. Reality Lab Networks wants to simplify this with an all-in-one system called Live Planet.
Fast Company
Web publishing pioneer and serial entrepreneur Halsey Minor announced his move into the virtual reality field last year, and today he's formally unveiled his company, Reality Lab Networks, and first product: A live streaming VR camera and video distribution service called Live Planet. The live-action virtual reality camera and production world, while young, … See more
5 Alternatives to Live Planet VR System
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