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Use your home PC as your own personal cloud storage server.
21 Alternatives to Basefolder

The simplest way to expand your iPhone storage up to 256 GB

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iPhones have one big caveat - their storage capacity is locked. A variety of brands have come out with external storage options, but none look as enticing as this one. idime's innovative new solution is a magnetic, dime-sized storage expansion for the iPhone.
Not happy with your iPhone storage? iDime is here to solve your problem You know how important your iPhone is in your daily life. All the stuff you used to carry in your bag; your phone, music player, camera, and so on, are consolidated by this single pocket-able device.
You know how important your iPhone is in your daily life. All the stuff you used to carry in your bag; your phone, music player, camera, and so on, are consolidated by this single pocket-able device. Every second, there are new apps and multimedia contents coming out, increasing your requirement for more storage on your phone.
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Personal cloud computer, built for developers

Dan Knox
Dan Knox- Senior Software Engineer
Sixa offers exactly what you are asking for. On demand desktop instances with a nice web accessible remote desktop client and a native client as well. Their pricing is reasonable with a pay for play based model.
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One of the advantages of cloud computing is the ability to abandon conventional storage on your computer and keep content exclusively in "the cloud." But what if you could have your entire computer stored in the cloud, allowing you to access your software and applications from anywhere?
The promises of the cloud era have been many, but when it comes to hardware, most people have preferred to keep their personal PCs on-hand or on-location. Sixa is aiming to free the PC and move computing to the cloud with its low-latency virtual machines geared toward developers.
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Automatic photo backup, sorting & sharing from your home

No more manual backups. No more cloud companies scanning your photos.

Capsule is a smart photo assistant for your home. Experience automatic photo+video backup from mobile, social, cloud. AI powered search, album curation and rule based sharing at your finger tips

Capsule Hunters can use instructions here for additional 15% off on Kickstarter!

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Create your own personal Cloud in seconds.

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Mainstream cloud services from companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Dropbox are great. You don't have to worry about a physical hard drive cluttering your workspace or having to carry it around. All your stuff is in the "cloud," which you can access from any device with an internet connection.
Meet the Lima Ultra, a tiny device that lets you create a personal cloud and control your data more easily. Think about it as a Dropbox alternative with data sitting on a hard drive in your home. The Lima Ultra is a new and improved version of the original Lima.
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Sync offers secure and completely private cloud storage

Nick Walker
Nick Walker
Fully encrypted at the local level cloud storage, with 2FA, preventing anyone from snooping on your data if servers get compromised (unlike google drive/dropbox/box/etc...). Works cross platform.
Tax Guy Derrick
Tax Guy Derrick
Built in encryption with 5GB free storage
Jason Cutler
Jason Cutler
Sync gives me 2TB of online storage syncable with multiple devices a la Dropbox and includes good sharing features a la I wish they would let me pay them more for more storage!
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Master data management for businesses

Maestrano keeps data in sync between high volume SaaS apps. What makes it different is that enterprises can use internally, behind a firewall. It also provides centralised reporting on data form multiple SaaS app sources. Backed by open source libraries that developers can use to build their own implementations.

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Easily optimize and distribute your product content 🚀

Index makes it easy to enrich, optimize, and distribute your product content from one place, liberating you from spreadsheets.

✏️Edit your content on the fly

📖Create interactive digital catalogs

🔌Build custom product feeds for your sales channels

🚀Get your products to market fast

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