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The best alternatives to HashiCorp Terraform are sixa, vagon, and Basefolder . If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to HashiCorp Terraform
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • Vagon is a personal high-performance computer on the cloud for creative users. It lets you run all graphics software such as Adobe or Autodesk.

  • Use your home PC as your own personal cloud storage server.

  • Lima is a smart device that stays in your home and sends you securely your files where and when you need them. It’s like the Cloud, except your files are stored at your place. And you don’t have to pay every mo...

  • {"nodes":[{"kind":"block","type":"line","nodes":[{"kind":"text","text":"A service that enables companies to use multiple cloud storages to communicate with customers and partner. Fully managed and secure. "}]}]...

  • iCompaas provides a suite of tools and services to maintain the Compliance and Security posture of your cloud infrastructure. We automate services of a Cloud Security Specialist, a Compliance Analyst, and a Clo...

  • HeyTerm is designed and created for system administrators looking to manage their infrastructure with a productivity tool that works from your desk to your pocket.

  • Producing Infrastructure as Code is burdensome for DevOps engineers. Enter InfraSketch. ▶ Generate your infrastructure using drag and drop cloud elements ▶ Reuse previously saved Terraform templates ▶ Create a ...

  • Shisho Cloud to help developers secure how their infrastructure-as-code (IaC). It supports you in the entire process of improving your IaC security; it detects issues, suggests reasonable ways to fix them, and ...