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Javascript course - Complete Loops: For & While

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@txredking Nioce! What course are you completing?
@nayamoss Thanks! Long story short, in the midst of searching for web dev opportunities and suffering from a little impostor syndrome as I have been focused on learning the business side of things lately so made up my own little crash course to shake of the rust and build some confidence. It includes a variety of resources I've found covering stuff like JS, HTML, CSS, React, Node.js.
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@txredking WOW congrats! I actually did the same when I first learned, made my own curriculum. Imposter syndrome happens, but just keep telling yourself you know what your doing, and are capable. What resources are you using to learn? I can pass along some of the ones I used if you are interested.
@nayamoss I would definitely appreciate any resources you have found helpful! Right now I am mostly using resources from Edx, Coursera, Udemy, and FreeCodeCamp, as well as tutorials, articles, and videos found from all over.