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Prep Private sale for Nov 28

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@_jeremiahs Is it another ICO? 🛡
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@okhlopkov We explored that route with the hypothesis that the more open the platform is the better. Delivering the value proposition through a decentralised network (=100% open source) sounded good until we actually tried it in practice 😅 Long story short: nobody wants to use a free-floating currency as medium of exchange for obvious reasons (I think there are some valid exceptions to this but far fewer than we have been led to believe with the wave of token sales we've seen this year) and decentralisation is only beneficial up until a certain point for the same reason that you might want ingredients that come from all around when you cook, but you actually want to eat from a single (centralised) plate. We do have an early version up and running, if you're into Data and Blockchain I think you'll find it quite cool (API-level data marketplaces 🎉) 👉 docs: do you fancy a go?