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JeremiahMakerPro@_jeremiahs · Founder @ startuptracker.io 🎯
Hi Everyone 👋 Radar is here! (promised when we launched ST 3.0 back in November: https://www.producthunt.com/post... got 1,500+ upvotes 🙀) Radars are easy to set up: select filters you want companies to match and you’ll get an email every Monday with a list of new startups. Matches are made using the companies that verified their profile on Startup Tracker in the previous week. Bottom line: get a new list of companies uniquely relevant to you each week/if you’re a founder, get in front of your actual target audience, win-win! What we’re working on now: * More company filters to increase the granularity of searches and radars * Our master plan: WAY MORE DATA 🤫 Good or bad let me know what you think, what Startup Tracker feature should we focus on next? Drop a comment below👇 or shoot me a message jeremiah@startuptracker.io I’ll be here all day! Huuuge Thanks
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦@arthur_tkachenko · Building a tools for Food Tech projects
Tkachenko Arthur 🇺🇦@arthur_tkachenko · Building a tools for Food Tech projects
@startuptracker @_jeremiahs join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/... they will love it too
Kevin GrangerHiring@kevin_granger · UI-UX Devsigner, Algolia
super useful, great job!
Csongor BókayMaker@matrixtehen · Founder, Startup Tracker
@kevin_granger Thank you 🙏
Jaoued Ahmed@jaouedahmed · Co-founder, MyAppConverter
Love that feature! Thanks Chaps!
Csongor BókayMaker@matrixtehen · Founder, Startup Tracker
@jaouedahmed Thanks Jaoued ✌️
Pedro Cortés@pdcortes98 · Independent Designer/Consultant
What a game changer guys, 3x as useful now ;)
Csongor BókayMaker@matrixtehen · Founder, Startup Tracker
@pdcortes98 Cheers Pedro!
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
looks like a cool idea
JeremiahMakerPro@_jeremiahs · Founder @ startuptracker.io 🎯
Cheers @_jacksmith! Working on getting more data and filters for more results/finer granularity radars