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Hi Everyone 👋 You asked for it, we made it! Startup Tracker is now a full-fledged web app, the evolution of our browser extension (note to all makers: if we had to do it all over again, we would have started with a web app. Adding new features and growth/conversion can be tricky with extensions 😉). Thanks for hunting @nikkielizdemere! Why Startup Tracker? Loads of new startups being founded + startup industry growing = information spread across platforms 👉 it’s time the startup community got its own search engine. Current Startup Tracker features:  * Short company summaries with links to profiles on different startup platforms * Magic button to ask for missing info * Track toggle for startups you care about [NEW] * Make startup lists you can share with a link [NEW] * Find relevant startups you didn’t know about! [NEW] What we’re working on: * Radar: weekly emails with new startups matching your specific needs * Updates: weekly digest with updates for startups you track * Our master plan: WAY MORE DATA…more about this soon 🤐 For now, extremely interested in knowing what you think (yes, you reading this right now!) How can we make Startup Tracker even better? Drop a comment below👇 or shoot me a message jeremiah@startuptracker.io Thanks in advance!
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@nikkielizdemere @startuptracker @_jeremiahs Awesone Guys! When is the Startup Tracker mobile app coming out? Thanks,.
@jaouedahmed Woohooo you got the first comment🥇 🎉 Not sure yet for native apps, at the moment 90% of our users are on desktop, so we'll probably focus on the responsive web app in the short term. Will keep you posted.

If you're researching lots of startups, it's a nifty tool that speeds up some of your repetitive processes. Looking forward to continued product updates.


Saves you time if you're researching lots of startups.


Not all early stage startups are on here.

Thanks for the feedback, duly noted!
What is the difference between startup.io and Crunchbase? Incredible UX!! Very Dope🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks man! Startup Tracker is a search engine which points people to the right destination (we call them specialist platforms). For example, we show Crunchbase links on startup profiles when we have them (big icons top left). If someone is interested in investment data for a company they click through from Startup Tracker to CB, if they're interested in something else, like jobs, they might click through to AngelList. etc. Data is the new oil, it's all about making it easy to find!

I was glad to test that tool and will certainly keep using it over the next months. Finally a good way to find infos about startups and discover new apps in the blink of an eye.

Thank you guys for this great tool ;)


Simple, clear and powerful. A lot of data is available.


Also displays shut off startups without labelling them as closed.

Merci Grégoire! Yes tracking dead companies is a big challenge for everyone in our space. We have a few ideas on how this can be done. It's on the roadmap and got a +1 vote with this review. 🙏
@_jeremiahs and team. Great work on reaching this milestone. Our company "Capsule Labs" https://startuptracker.io/startu... doesn't show up in search result for "Capsule"?
@johnathan_zhuang Yep it looks like Capsule is a widely use term in startup names/descriptions ('nudge' and 'origin' are two others!) we show 10 results for search queries -> https://startuptracker.io/startu... If we show more you might be there, perhaps we should increase the number of results to 20?
@_startuptracker 20 would def benefit a few companies like ours ;) For my own curiosity (product guy here :D), what was the decision decision to go with 10, then have user enter Twitter?
@johnathan_zhuang It was an arbitrary decision, we started with a small page size (10), suspecting we'd have to increase it. This and others confirmed it! For most search terms 10 is enough i.e. if a startup has a peculiar name there will be less than 10 results, the 'send us on a missing' thing is there in case there are no traces of the startup on our platform yet.
@_jeremiahs cool. Thanks for answering. Is it worth (in terms of search results) to build a "X more" below the 10 I wonder...
@johnathan_zhuang Will have a think. Thank you so much for the feedback