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Cheers! Here is what's coming up in the next few months: Early January '15: Betalist and Startup Genome (Thinking about Product Hunt too) integration to cover an even wider range of startups Early February '15: Mobile version of Startup Tracker launch for tracking startups on the go Late February '15: Crowdsourcing enabled. Anyone will be able to enter unlisted startups or missing startup information directly in the Tracker. After our team verifies user submitted information, the updated startup profiles will be served back to the community. Mid March '15: Tracking analytics platform launch. While the Tracker already enables users to see how many people have been tracking a specific startup, the analytics platform will offer finer grained tracking information, similar to Trending on Twitter for startups.
@bramk @_jeremiahs is the mobile app available for startup tracker, I cannot seem to find it on iPhone?
I <3 Browser Extensions (quick shout out to @shwinnabego and the Point team!). Startup Tracker: 1. Install the plugin (Chrome or Safari) 2. If you read an interesting article, select the name of the startup you want to track 3. Click the extension button 4. Get an overview of the startups traction, funding, news etc. (Crunchbase info) 5. Save the startup to your Evernote account (what!) Very cool ! They've won the TechCrunch #hackDisrupt Evernote challenge 2014. "In the following months, you can expect further platform support (think mobile...), and exciting new features such as detailed tracking analytics for startups."
@bramk Thanks for posting the Tracker! We were thinking of leveraging the Product Hunt API too, to make it the hunter's best friend :-) Talking with the team at the moment...
@shwinnabego @bramk I love browser extension as well! Feel like they are underrated..
Excellent extension @_jeremiahs - also liking the fact that I can save it to my Evernote; neat stuff! Wondering what else you are planning for the upcoming release? :)
@raj_ventures Thanks, I posted the high level roadmap below.
This would be really cool... But I keep getting 'Company X does not have a CrunchBase profile' -- how do I get it to work?
@Nivo0o0 That is the whole point of Startup Tracker! Many Startups, especially early stage ones don't have a CrunchBase/AngelList etc... profile. It can be time consuming and unreliable to google all that info. The problem you mention will somewhat be solved once we integrate further information providers (BetaList, PH etc...) but can only really be solved by leveraging the power of the crowd. Once we launch the crowdsourcing feature on the Tracker, anyone will be able to complete missing startup profiles which our team will then verify before the rest of the users can benefit from it. With this, we aim for the Tracker to leverage current trusted startup info. databases and fill in the gaps when needed all through a quick, beautiful and frictionless app. In short, one of the main components of ST is to provide a reliable information source about any one of the 100 startups you read about every day, the other, is to provide founders with analytics on who's been tracking their product — both of which we think the startup community is missing at the moment.
@_jeremiahs would love to connect with you to see how a company i'm working on could help plugin startup data once the crowdsourcing feature is ready. can we connect? aaron at startuplister dot com
@crixlet Sure, just sent you an email.
great idea guys. I'm getting an error message on Chrome: Due to Chrome security policies, Startup Tracker cannot load in the Chrome Store. Try it on any another website!
@arieljalali Yes, you can't open the Tracker on the Chrome store as the message indicates (Chrome Store security policy). Open a new tab and try again.