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Jeremiah Smith
@_jeremiahs · Founder @ Startup Tracker
Noted @miklern, we'll do a quick product iteration after launch and figure out the best way to do this, it's come up a few times already. Mind if I get in touch on Twitter when we start planning the feature?
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Jeremiah Smith
@_jeremiahs · Founder @ Startup Tracker
Hello friends, Very excited to launch version 2.0 here which is very much inspired by the discussion over v1.0 on Product Hunt nearly a year back thanks to the awesome @bramk! Here’s what’s changed since then: • Live-search over 400k+ profiles across CrunchBase, AngelList, Product Hunt + others • User interface overhaul: Full height-extension, custom user … See more
Pete Huang
@petejayhuang · Product Manager
Awesome stuff. Jeremiah came to my university to speak about this - great guy!
Sam Cambridge
@samcambridge · Senior Developer @ Quuu.co
I think @rrhoover would have killed for this a couple of years ago, great job.
Chris Dunaetz
@chrisdunaetz · www.mutual-app.com
Amazing, you can see a startup's funding just by clicking a single button.
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@bramk · Creator of @startupstash
Big update on this nifty Chrome Extension by @_jeremiahs, well done!  See more