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πŸ’Ό Study where to move my company outside EU (HK/ SGP?)

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@antoineplu Is there a specific reason for leaving EU for Asia? Other than the weather of course 🏝
@abadesi I'm planning to move in a foreign country for end of the year. Since I'll stop being a french resident, I no longer want to pay my company taxes here too. I don't think we're gonna be in Asia, but since we plan also to sail around the world, that's something I need to consider.
@abadesi @antoineplu that's fucking epic. Best of luck!
@antoineplu Maybe you can register the company somewhere with good tax breaks like Panama πŸ€‘
@abadesi That's part of my idea with Hong-Kong or Singapore which is pretty ok for the taxes over time too. But I need to study it, and dig deeper into the forum of Nomad list. I'm pretty sure the answer is there 😬