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Talk with more people to bounce ideas~

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@annchichii we can bounce around ideas here! What are you thinking? :)
@rrhoover aha thank you Ryan! It is actually a continuation of the project trying to understand how we can be helpful for the non-profits. Thanks to @_danielmeade and Wade Striebel help me a lot & exchange helpful insights how we can tackle stuff here. 😌💪 Slow but making progress. 😎😎 Challenges are here after I had talked with some people: *Non profits* 1. Non-profits may find it hard to select the right person to work on the projects. 2. Non-profits need to get work done but miss deadline due to low commitments for volunteers. 3. Need to avoid non-profits that exploit volunteers for free work. *Volunteers* 1. Lack of commitment sometimes because it’s a volunteer work. 2. Lose incentive if there are not much of chances to get involved.