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Hello PH πŸ‘‹! Prototypr 3 is here and a lot has changed. I began Prototypr around ~2016, and the website was cobbled together pretty quickly. Sofia joined in early 2019 to help, and then it also became side project for @annchichii too who did so much in this redesign and new version! Some of what's new: πŸ‘₯ Profiles Sign up and create your profile. Check the box βœ…'Available for hire' if you're looking for work in these challenging times - I'll look at adding something in the future to help! 🎨 Redesign Yeah just a massive revamp (again thanks Ann) πŸ’¬Post links Finally, you can submit tools, news and links. No need to email me to add your tool, just post it on. πŸ’™ Comments, voting This is possible - the most popular tools will appear in a 'Popular' section soon. πŸš€ Faster and stuff Search is better, the toolbox pages are nicer, the site performs really good too (made with next.js). If you have any questions on the tech, ask and I can go into more detail. --- There's probably more stuff, but go and try it out. Big thanks to @dnisttahuz for the amazing promo video! And @thisismariaespi made all the robots. You have reached the end of my acceptance speech. I hope this new version can help more people, so if there are any changes you want just let me know! Now I carry on making [Letter](
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Wow amazing - I love Protypr and this looks wicked! :D
@dansiepen thanks Dan! Hoping to make it even more helpful for people, so if you have any ideas let me know whenever :D
@graeme_fulton No worries man good work :) - trying to do the same for marketers with Marketing Inspo and got some big plans! So I look up to you a lot haha :) - Keep up the great work and love the medium articles + digests I get :)
@dansiepen ah thanks a lot! Yeah you can do it, it's nice if you can find people to help. I wish I found @annchichii and @sofia_mmarques at the start
@annchichii @sofia_mmarques @graeme_fulton Awesome to hear :) - Yeah I feel you may need to seek extra assistance haha. It's great to do but just very time consuming!
@annchichii @sofia_mmarques @dansiepen haha yeah I think more people would be a great help lol! At the same time, a piece belongs to all people who contributed over the years
@alexanderisora haha thanks Alexander! Now for the Letter!
Graeme does it again!
@mutlu82 Thanks again for hunting !
The new version looks great!
@kilianvalkhof thanks Kilian! Polypane did help ;)
@kilianvalkhof Yay, thank you. :)