Best Tech Gifts for 2022

Published on
December 15th, 2022
Finding cool gifts for techies can be a challenge. Start your search with these collections of the best tech gifts for 2022.
Yup, even the team here at Product Hunt has trouble finding great gifts for tech lovers sometimes. What's cool last year might be passé the next. Or maybe our gift recipient already has a home full of gadgets.
The struggle is real, so we've been putting our heads together to create a series of collections that forms our gift guide of the best tech gifts for 2022.
We'll keep adding to this list over the coming days as we explore more niches, people types, and trends that defined the year. Got any requests for what we should add next? Let us know in the comments.
Looking for the perfect gift for that special code wrangler in your life? Unfortunately, we can't provide an Iron Man-Esque workspace, but we do have some slightly less exciting but still great gift ideas from blue light glasses to a big red button that pushes to production (not on Friday!)
Love to cook or know someone that could give Ramsay a run for their money? From AI-powered smart ovens to an affordable work horse chef knife, here are 8 gifts for the budding chef
We all need a bit more self-care in our lives. Here are 10 gifts from personalised skincare to a supersonic hair dryer that will let your loved ones know you care about them, or you could just get them for yourself, after all, it's called self-care
Know someone who went from a daily commuter to being a WFH (work from home) zealot. We're a fully remote team here, so you won't find any complaints from us! But you will find some of our team's favorite tools for working from home and we think they'll make pretty great gifts.
And then there are those that went rogue. They took "WFH" and re-defined it to "work from anywhere." And who can blame them? While the rest of us put up fake Zoom backgrounds, they're actually taking calls from a boat in the Mediterranean (we've seen it; we love it). These digital nomads may seem like an enigma to some, but we've got a lot of them in our community and took their lead on the best gifts for 2022.
Sorry designers, but you can be hard to shop for. That's because we know you've got a great aesthetic and an eye for detail — and we don't want you to judge us for our poor choices. But we gave it our best shot, with some help from the talented design team here at Product Hunt.
Tbh, we don't mind if pet parents refer to their furry ones as their "babies." All we ask is that you treat them right. Today's tech makes it pretty easy to spoil feline and canine loved ones, and in most cases, gifts also do double duty for their human companions, too. Here are approved gifts from the pets & pet-parent on our team.
Published on
December 15th, 2022
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