Is Apple Airpods Pro good for running?

AirPods Pro mention in "Is Apple Airpods Pro good for running?" questionHmmm, it seems that customers are split on this issue, with many reviews swearing that the Airpods Pro are the best earbuds they've ever used, and others reporting a less than satisfactory experience, leading them to move on to competitor earbuds. Fans of the Airpods Pro have stated that they are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and even come with different ear tips so that users can find their ideal fit. It seems that for those customers who haven't had this same positive experience with the Airpods, their main issue was that the Airpods Pro kept falling out, even after using the different ear tips for a more snug fit. These customers also stated that the active noise canceling could also be very dangerous and less than ideal for runners, as it makes it very difficult to hear one's surroundings.

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