How much is Glowforge?

Glowforge mention in "How much is Glowforge?" questionCustomers can choose from three different options:

  1. Glowforge Basic - $2,995
  2. Glowforge Plus - $3,995
  3. Glowforge Pro for $5,995

While all three models are able to perform the same tasks, the Glowforge Plus and the Glowforge Pro are able to offer their users certain premium features. For example, both the Plus and Pro have enhanced cooling which the Basic does not. This can allow the Plus and Pro machines to keep working for longer, while also extending the health of the Glowforge's laser. The Plus and Pro are also faster than the Basic. According to their site, "the Glowforge Pro top engraving speed is 3x as fast as the Glowforge Basic, and cutting is 1.2x as fast. The Glowforge Plus top engraving speed is 2x as fast as the Glowforge Basic." Furthermore, the Plus and Pro have 12 months of warranty coverage, compared to the Basic's 6 months. The Glowforge Pro also has the "Passthrough" feature which allows it to handle the much larger and longer projects, as it can accommodate larger-sized materials. The Pro has the most powerful laser of the three, can print for the longest period of time, and is capable of handling bigger materials. With three different options, and $3000 between the basic and pro model, customers can ensure that they are picking the machine that is right for them.

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