The 3D laser printer



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Veronica Belmont — Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Growbot)
I've seen this in action, and I'm very impressed. The price point really opens this technology up to a lot of makers who previously couldn't afford access to a 3D laser printer.
Seth Louey — Product Maker & Founder
@deanputney @danshapiro Excuse my french here, but holy shit this is so awesome!!! I was watching the video and I'll give you the play by play...
- ok, cool.
- ok, that's cool...
- ok, HOLY SHIT!

But seriously though, having something like this can return the investment ten fold. I might have missed it, but what are the file extensions that you can use with this? EPS, AI, or PDF?
Eric Willis — Working on something new
@sethlouey The drone! I had a chance to hunt this too.
Dan Shapiro — Glowforge, Robot Turtles, Hot Seat book
@sethlouey Thanks Seth! There's a partial list at as well as a lot of other goodies. We expect to be pretty flexible in what we ingest and add a lot more to that list over time.
Dan Shapiro — Glowforge, Robot Turtles, Hot Seat book
@erictwillis @sethlouey The drone's real; we've got two of them with us at Makerfaire. Dual counterrotating rubberband gattling guns unload roughly 80 bands/sec. These were built on an Iris+ frame, and use a pair of laser-cut delrin gears (plus an extra motor) to drive both gattling guns.
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