The 3D laser printer


Veronica Belmont
@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Growbot)
I've seen this in action, and I'm very impressed. The price point really opens this technology up to a lot of makers who previously couldn't afford access to a 3D laser printer.
Seth Louey
@sethlouey · 🙌 2016 PH Maker of the Year Nominee
@deanputney @danshapiro Excuse my french here, but holy shit this is so awesome!!! I was watching the video and I'll give you the play by play... - ok, cool. - ok, that's cool... - ok, HOLY SHIT! But seriously though, having something like this can return the investment ten fold. I might have missed it, but what are the file extensions that you can use wit… See more
Aaron Crocco
@aaroncrocco · Writer, Nerd, Delorean Driver, Coffee.
This is quite cool but let's face it: nobody in their right mind can think a $1000+ price point will get this thing into mass adoption.
Jon Adair
@jonadair · Cofounder, Thinkamingo
The way this is marketed as a revolutionary "printer" instead of an incrementally improved laser cutter / engraver aggravates me, maybe more than it should, but that doesn't take away from the product. If the quality and reliability hold up, it's not a bad price point. The Universal Laser machine we have at Tampa Hackerspace runs $16,000 new, though there … See more
Simon Cave
@simooncave · Community Manager
so freaking awesome!