How does the Fitbod app work?

Fitbod mention in "How does the Fitbod app work?" questionAccording to their site, Fitbod designs a unique workout plan in real time based on a number of personalized inputs. Fitbod allows its users to change exercises, equipment used, and other preferences while still targeting the desired muscle groups and delivering an optimal workout. Their app will examine the entire workout database & the user's exercise history to select the ideal exercise to best satisfy the following constraints:

  • Targets a primary and recuperated muscle group that will be a point of focus for the workout.
  • Chooses an exercise that is most aligned with your fitness goal
  • Satisfies a variety of personal preferences and factors, including strength training style, gender, fitness experience level, available equipment, etc.

Fitbod then continues to analyze and then identify which exercise is a 2nd best option to match the above criteria. Fitbod will pick exercises in this manner to ensure that all muscles are sufficiently exercised and/or rested. Finally, Fitbod will provide a series of core exercises so that the user targets the abdominal and lower back muscle groups, ensuring a solid core foundation and the user's growing ability to make greater gains.

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