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The best alternatives to Word Counter are InspectContent, Manual Counter, and InstantGrid - for iOS and MacOS. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Word Counter
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  • Specify a page URL, get words and letters count, find keywords and keyword count. See the average reading time of the page text.

  • Perform quick tally count operations using Manual Counter. Counter has wide parameters, includes support for left-hand (for people like me), Haptic feedbacks and Lists.

  • LocalizApp is the ultimate app for managing Localizable strings. You can quickly manage Localizable strings of your iOS or macOS app. Just open the project and you will have a complete overview of all strings, ...

  • InstantGrid is a quick and powerful image editing tool for social media, allowing you to correct and add effects to your images in just a few taps. InstantGrid has a number of tools to choose from, including Gr...

  • A free online word counter with a simple UI (and no ads).

  • First-class integration with iOS ecosystem. Designed to integrate with your life and be simple and effective at what it does - counting what's important to you. We give counters, you give them meaning. Supports...

  • Easily count how many words are in a localizable strings file. Thesestring files are the standard format for translations in an Apple app. Useful for when you're calculating the cost of translating your app.