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What is Wasp?
Wasp is the fastest way to develop full-stack web apps in React & Node.js. Describe high-level features (auth, CRUD, async jobs, …) via a simple config language, and write the rest of your logic in React, Node.js and Prisma. Wasp is currently in Beta.
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Wasp tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Wasp is built with. Wasp utilizes products like Docusaurus, GitHub in their tech stack

Recent launches

Full-stack Auth for React/Node by Wasp
Full-stack auth solution for React, Node.js, and Prisma stack. Specify the supported authentication methods (e.g., email, Google, GitHub) and get everything from UI to the database models. No 3rd party services, powered by Wasp framework.
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GPT WebApp Generator for React & Node.js
Describe your web app idea using plain English, and GPT Web App Generator will scaffold the complete, full-stack app for you, along with all the source code! The code is generated in React, Node.js, Prisma & Wasp. Deploy it with a single CLI command 🚀.
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