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What is Telnyx?
We are bold and gritty builders and pioneers tackling the future's toughest and most technical connectivity challenges today. We believe in working on behalf of the under served businesses that require the bleeding edge of technology—every one of our products is a foundation for something better. With Telnyx, you build your ideal connectivity solutions on your terms.

Telnyx tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Telnyx is built with. Telnyx utilizes products like Next.js, Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

Recent launches

Global Edge Router
Edge routing, for global applications: Manage low-latency, highly-available services anywhere in the world with confidence. Global Edge Router enables instant automatic failover between all major cloud providers to keep your services online.
Global Edge Router image
Verify API by Telnyx
Telnyx's Verify API makes it easy to add multichannel user authentication to your software via a single API.

Automatically generate and authenticate codes via SMS, Voice Call, Flash Call, or WhatsApp when requested by your users at login.
Verify API by Telnyx image
3 more launches

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