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Swetrix Analytics

A powerful analytics platform that respects user privacy
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The community submitted 4 reviews to tell us what they like about Swetrix Analytics, what Swetrix Analytics can do better, and more.
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4 Reviews
Grzegorz Lipski
Founder. Create VR galleries on the web
1 review
Simple setup, clean interface and simplicity. Analytics without having to notify users about cookies makes this solution one of my biggest discoveries this year (right after chatGPT). I use Swetrix for both my personal and project sites.

Яков Ясько
I am a backend developer.
1 review
In my opinion this is a great product to be used by beginning entrepreneur to check metrics and so on. I like the design and customer support and hope you will develop further!

Dmitrij Ferlamov
NASA Founder)
1 review
Using Swetrix is a pleasure!

Alper Alkan
full stack developer
3 reviews
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