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Swetrix Analytics

A powerful analytics platform that respects user privacy
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What is Swetrix Analytics?
Swetrix brings an advanced and customisable analytics service for your web applications. We are fully opensource, support lots of features and selfhosted variants. No cookie banners needed. Track every metric you need without invading your users' privacy.

Swetrix Analytics tech stack

We're aware of 1 technologies that Swetrix Analytics is built with. Swetrix Analytics utilizes products like jsDelivr CDN in their tech stack

Recent launches

Swetrix is a truly open-source and privacy-focused Google Analytics alternative. It was launched in 2021 and since then evolved into a large yet simple analytics toolkit, allowing you to monitor traffic, performance, make funnels and user flows and more!
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First-class AI powered, fully cookieless and open-source web analytics for your website! Track end user traffic & sessions, monitor website performance, create custom alerts, forecast traffic, build your own extensions and do much more things with Swetrix!
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