Sunu band

Sonar wristband that improves mobility for the blind
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David Yerks-Young
Sunu Band
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My first Sunu Band was great with great customer service. Then they updated their app, making the band useless. I had to buy a new one which was almost 2x the cost. However you got a free Headshockz bone conduction head set. Except I never got the Headshockz! I tried numerous ways to contact them: emailS (never got an answer), calling their toll-free number (no one ever answers OR even returns the call). I went on their website to send an email only to have it bounced back to me. They claim to have a 30 day return policy. However they never emailed me a return label. I got my bank involved: gave them dates & subject of emails & dates of my phone calls. Most of their new updates are not needed. To use them you need a sighted person to set them up. So disappointed.

Furqan Bin Rizwan
A tech enthusiast! Love exploring web
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need more products for special humans with disabilities


Елена Гапарова
Elena Gaparova, economist, OOO"KTK"
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