Sunu band

Sonar wristband that improves mobility for the blind

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m one of the founders of, we built a sonar wristband that gently informs the user of obstacles on their way. The device can be aimed from the wrist and the vibratory feedback indicates proximity, hardness, size and other useful information provided in real time that ultimately augment the user awareness to navigate with ease. It basically works like a new sense: feeling your surroundings at your wrist. There are close to 300 million people in the world with a severe visual impairment that limits them to move around and travel independently. We are changing that. Sunu band is currently being used at blind schools in Mexico, it's being prescribed in eye clinics in Massachusetts and will start shipping widely in September. Support our mission with your upvotes. If you want to own or gift a Sunu band visit us at happy to solve any questions. Thank you Product Hunters!
This is so cool! I'm not visually impaired but I think this is the only wearable technology in the market trying to solve real problem and can change lives.
@amitava82 Thanks for the upvote Amitava, I believe that wearable technology will find a bigger purpose eventually. Now with so many gadgets and options, a wearable needs to solve a real problem to be adopted. Lets build technology for the good ;)
I had the chance to try a sunu band prototype and it is very promising. Good luck with the launch !
This seems like a really cool idea but all the text doesn't really get to the true value to the end-user. The first paragraph especially is loaded with keywords that sound impressive but I doubt actually means anything to your target market.
Congrats on launch!