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What is Statsig?
Statsig is the leading experimentation and feature management platform helping businesses use data to move faster and build better products. Companies like Notion, Flipkart, Eventbrite, Ancestry, and Univision use Statsig to release features, automate experiments and make decisions based on a comprehensive view of performance metrics. Founded in 2021 by former Facebook engineers, Statsig supports thousands of experiments across hundreds of millions of end users every day.

Statsig tech stack

We're aware of 3 technologies that Statsig is built with. Statsig utilizes products like GitHub, LinkedIn in their tech stack

Recent launches

Statsig Free Feature Management Platform
Unlimited flags, users, seats, and environments. Advanced user targeting, segmentation, and dynamic configuration tools. Modern UI with collaboration tools for teams. Unlock metric lifts analysis built natively into feature flag rollouts with Statsig Pro.
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Statsig is a modern feature-management and product experimentation platform that helps you to ship faster by providing meaningful data insights, actionable causal analysis and automatically running 10x more experiments than any other service.
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