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The best alternatives to StandupMail are Mailflow, Vectorly, and Tatsu. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to StandupMail
Build your ideal workflow with 200+ customizable templates

  • Mailflow is a Gmail plugin to help you manage to-dos, notes and projects without leaving your inbox.

  • Vectorly for product teams who want: 🧠Use career matrix for personal growth ✅Performed tasks contribute to skill growth 🎯Give feedback to get skills the team needs 🧗‍♀️See skill gaps to guide team in the one...

  • Tatsu, meaning "to stand", is a Slack app to help your team do asynchronous, remote standup meetings.

  • Simplify each day with three goals

  • Productivity is a tricky beast to tame. Peach is a FREE tool that helps you track your time and what you do with it. It does so by applying some well-researched productivity techniques that pros use. Note: Use ...

  • Officio.work is all-in-one productivity tools developed to help business owners managing their day-to-day operation. Combination of; ✓ Project and task management ✓ Invoices, estimates, and record expenses ✓ Bu...

  • Challenge someone to a game, record losses and wins. Keeps a leaderboard for your team. Supports seasons, doubles, stats, calculates elo, etc.

  • Keep everyone updated on your daily progress via email/text

  • Use timetoreply Email Analytics on top of your existing email client to get real-time reporting, alerts and track your team's email reply times to important emails

  • Say hello to your new standup meeting Slack app. Best team management tool, track team progress daily, get automated reports and much more! Sounds good? It gets better, it’s absolutely free! Try it out now and ...