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What is Spokk?
Spokk is a social platform that you can use to get your ideas, prototypes & creations validated from anyone you want through anonymous opinions. Unlike other tools, it gives you complete control over the anonymous data you receive. People can also build on each other’s opinions to reach an optimal solution. (Hint - Validate your startup or idea)

Spokk tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Spokk is built with. Spokk utilizes products like Facebook, Next.js in their tech stack

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A "Designers' Community" that helps you improve your designs with inspiring ideas, productive feedback, and constructive criticism. Collaborate with fellow designers from around the world to improve, discover endless possibilities & create the best version of your work!
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Spokk 2.0
The go-to platform for everything feedback.
Use Spokk to improve your skills (Leadership, teamwork, etc.), ideas, and creations (Design, Crafts, Art, etc.) by getting feedback from people all over the world.
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