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The best alternatives to Songtastic are Beatmatch | Taste Test, Musiio Tag, and Vibely. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Songtastic
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • Have you ever wondered how strong your bond is with someone? Your music taste is the best way to tell if you're on the same wavelength or not. Try quizing your friends, family members, or significant other...

  • Musiio Tag is an AI-powered audio analysis tool that tag songs without using metadata. Upload a YouTube link or mp3/wav file, and the AI will ‘listen’ to the audio, analyze through its neural networks and assig...

  • Learn song lyrics quickly so that you can vibe. Hover over or click the hidden words to reveal them! Click scramble to generate a new scramble of the song!

  • DANCEMUSIC WTF-300 is a web based quiz game created for us to learn what the different electronic dance music styles sound like. Hopefully it will help us get a better vocabulary next time we're trying to descr...

  • Make your song sound better ! Automatically master any song to match a reference track of your choice (choose from our catalog or upload your own). The service is currently free up to 7 songs per week !

  • Play with more than 4 billion Spotify playlists. Save playlists to your library, set up the game based on your preference. Would it be too easy? Shorten the length of a song. While playing, you interact with a ...

  • Guess the song

  • 5 tracks will play for 20 seconds. As soon as you recognise the track, hit the button and make your guess. Guess right and the next track will play, guess wrong and the track keeps playing until you run out of ...