The best alternatives to Smart Moderation are Shield, Bodyguard, and SkunkMod 🦨. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Smart Moderation
  • Shield sends in real time your Facebook and Instagram comments to a designated Slack channel from which you can take actions on every comment: like, hide, delete, reply to the comment or message its author with just on the click without ever leaving Slack! πŸ’―
  • Bodyguard is a social media monitoring and moderation solution, seamlessly integrating into social networks and platforms of all sizes to safeguard communities and brands from toxic content. With a unique blend of cutting-edge AI and human expertise, we swiftly analyze, alert, and eliminate toxic and illegal content from your social networks, ensuring a safer and more positive online space.
  • Skunk Mod is a Slack app that enables communities to self-moderate via chat reactions aka emojis. Simply vote on a message with an emoji and let the app remove spammy/offending/inappropriate messages as soon as enough votes have been cast.
  • Modagrate provides a full user content moderation solution, combining automatic text and image (video soon!) classification with trained human moderators. Our simple API and full custom rules allow makers to quickly and easily automate user content moderation.
  • "Is This Appropriate?" helps you check if an email, text, or comment is appropriate for work. Just submit your message and e-mail address and we'll send you the results! (P.S. we don't store your message)
  • Brunhilde is an AI-powered YouTube comment analysis. Just paste the URL of the video you want to analyze and get an overview of the statistics, as well as a sentiment and topic analysis of the comments.
  • People learn and unlearn the most in their vulnerable moments. Being blocked is one of them. Boyfairy helps you communicate when you don't have the energy in you to defend or explain your position.
  • Make presentations on the fly in real time.
  • Comment Exporter is the easiest way to download your own Facebook Page commetns data with a single click!
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  • Launch your next social product with good enough content moderation! Prevent malicious users from ruining the experience of your first users πŸ™Œ