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Fire Hunt Finds you product launches from all over the web and serves it in a beautiful digestible form Now you don't need to switch websites to discover awesome product launches, From Product Hunt to Hacker news we cover product launches from the best sources

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We're aware of 5 technologies that Fire Hunt is built with. Fire Hunt utilizes products like Product Hunt, Crisp in their tech stack

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Simon Game
this is the improved version of Simon's game using JavaScript and Html. you have 10 levels to complete until you finish the game, every level stages, and every stages some amount of steps you should follow, you can figure it out by following computer animation
Many websites solely depend on Ads as a major source of their revenue. Today, almost everyone is using Ads Blocker due to which these websites lose a major chunk of their revenue.
Tracy helps to bypass these Ads Blocker and regain revenue growth.
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