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The best alternatives to Skich are Fridai, SenpAI.GG, and Imgur Melee. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Skich
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  • Fridai is the voice assistant for gamers is here. Voice access improves your gaming experience and get access to gaming related software easier.

  • SenpAI.GG is an AI-based personal gaming assistant to improve gaming performance. SenpAI.GG desktop application provides a wide range of recommendations before the game, during the game, and after the game by u...

  • Melee is your portable companion cube, your Pip-Boy 2000, and the improbable treasure chest found in the depths of a dungeon all rolled into one. It’s super effective at keeping you up to date on the latest rev...

  • Sift is a website that helps you find shows similar to your favorites. We provide community ranked recommendations where you can comment on why to watch. Find where to stream shows and hide shows you're not int...

  • ShopMe lets you combine all of your e-commerce wishlists into one list. Just make your list public and import it to ShopMe. Get price drop alerts and order items within the app (even if they're from different w...

  • Respwn is a "looking for group" service for gamers. Find teammates which match your experience and play style. Currently compatible with all games on steam.

  • TheGamersClub is a Gaming Blog website that tries to provide unique gaming articles to the gaming community.

  • The Family Friendly Live team supplies regular family-friendly content on Twitch. In general, live streams are less accessible due to including profanity, vulgarity, over-the-top gore, or other NSFW content. FF...