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The best alternatives to ShareUrl are Notopass, MojoAuth, and Jam!. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to ShareUrl
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  • Notopass is an Android App that lets you share your account with others without revealing your username or password and also control their access anytime. The invitee can open logged in account in the mobile ap...

  • MojoAuth is a passwordless authentication tool, built to make complex authentication mechanisms easier. Integrate MojoAuth to your app or website in just 5 minutes and allow your users to login into your platfo...

  • Stop texting your friends for logins. Get access to services your friends pay for, instantly and securely. Jam is a social password manager. It helps users find ways to save money, split costs, and stay secure.

  • We offer simple email and password auth and also manage session tokens in the most secure way possible. We're free, built for and by developers (who have had to struggle with auth several times in the past). Ou...

  • Easily share confidential details with co-workers, clients or practically anyone.

  • KeysForWeb helps digital businesses request credentials from clients securely and with 0 errors - secure forms and a validation bot have got your back on that. Select or create a request, send it in a click - s...