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The best alternatives to Sairin are Tech Blogs, Gitpress, and HubPress. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Sairin
Combine project management with your docs & knowledge base

  • Open-source collection of tech blogs. Add your blog and get more views on your articles.

  • GitPress is designed to showcase your writing and coding in the best way possible, with the fewest distractions to your readers. GitPress sync content from GitHub and your private repo. GitPress promises that Y...

  • A web application to build your blog on GitHub

  • Update your GitHub-hosted Jekyll blog from your browser

  • PR Scheduler is a GitHub App that allows developers to schedule pull requests to be merged at a specific date and time. It works great for scheduling blog posts on static content frameworks like Jekyll, Hugo an...

  • Repostatus runs a sentiment analysis engine on various aspects of your repo in order to calculate the happiness of your repo. We support both private and public repos

  • What if you could create your portfolio in 5 minutes just by providing your Github username and even host it without any cost? Do you want to display your skills, job history, education, or even medium/dev.to p...