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The best alternatives to Ry are Merge, Happie, and Lovewick - Couples App. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Ry
  • Merge is the to-do list app for couples living together. Seamlessly coordinate, manage, and collaborate on everyday household tasks over your very own private network.

  • Discover Happie: Revolutionizing dating with authentic connections, dynamic interaction, deep bonds, and safety. A refreshing alternative to traditional apps. Join us for meaningful experiences and genuine connections.

  • Dating app? Nope. Couples therapy? Nuh-uh. Lovewick is a couples app with exploratory questions, date ideas, and research-based relationship goals to help you and your partner grow and stay in love, without it feeling like “work”.

  • Amorus makes digital intimacy more private (encryption, deletion controls, emoji shortcuts), more engaged (embedded tools for consent/boundaries/etc), and more inspired (mini-games to flirt and uncover shared fantasies).

  • Keep tabs on how long you've been with your partner, get reminded on important dates. My Love helps you stay on track with your relationships!

  • coBlossom is an app for couples that empowers couples to build their connections through fun minigames designed for relationships. Strengthen your relationship with on-demand access to minigames that fit into any schedule.

  • How many hours have you spent arguing with your partner over what to watch? The Matched App is here to end that debate. Start swiping to find something you'll both love.

  • Coupl relationship app is the perfect free app for couples who want to build stronger relationships. It gives couples new personal daily questions and has them try to guess their partner's answers.