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The community submitted 4 reviews to tell us what they like about Rubbrband, what Rubbrband can do better, and more.
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4 Reviews
an amazing and free tech on use
Nikaleta Lipskaya

Indie maker

1 review
I cannot get enough of this product. Everyday, I am spending few hours on the product. The breeze at which I can create workflows, change the checkpoint and LoRa, and generate images within seconds.... Very refreshing... Amazing dev team behind the product. Awesome Community and support. I have high hopes from the product!
Chad Lauffer
Art Direction | Graphic Design | GenAI
1 review
I've been working with the team for months, and they have produced a top-notch platform that is, hands down, the easiest way to use Stable Diffusion. The tool allows you to create custom workflows including LoRAs, models, and ControlNet. They have also added Dall-E as an option in addition to Stable Diffusion 1.5 and XL. I've been able to create some incredible workflows for very specific jobs that I'm able to consistently go back to for similar imagery. The world is your oyster with this tool; the sky's the limit!
Duncan Young
Digital artist and AI enthusiast
1 review
By far my favourite image generator, it's all I use now