Remote Browser Embed

Remote Browser Embed

Co-browsing into your app
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What is Remote Browser Embed?
RemoteHQ’s Remote Browser is a secure and ephemeral browser running in the cloud. Use it by yourself or co-browse with others. No download.

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Remote Browser Embed
Remote Browser Embed is a cloud-based multiplayer Chrome browser you can embed into your app. Enable your sales, customer success and product teams to co-browse live with customers, so they convert and retain better. Show, instead of tell. Easy integration.
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RemoteHQ 2.0
Turn any web app instantly collaborative, with no download. Use it with teams and customers. For sales demos (let prospects test drive, ⬆️ close rates), support (show instead of tell, ⬇️ handle time & churn), and team collaboration (⬆️ productivity).
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