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The best alternatives to Reminiscencefy are elocance 2.0, Gramophone, and Redisk. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Reminiscencefy
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  • elocance is a mobile app that lets you save and curate YOUR OWN content, turn it to audio and listen on the go. Features include HD voice options and accents you can pick from, playlists, newsletters directly i...

  • Connect a loved one with memories through music

  • “Redisk will awaken your memory with the playlist” Create playlists of songs you've listened to in the past from your music library history. You can share the information of the songs you listen to most easily ...

  • TuneStalgia is like Snapchat memories except for Music! See the songs you added or last played years ago. Users get songs back into their rotation that they forgot they loved, and get a burst of nostalgia of th...

  • Leap Second is a free one-second video app. Capture your favourite memories and showcase your moments. Leap Second support multiple videos per day, safe iCloud backups, Live Photos and music. If you are curious...

  • Simple and free app to organize videos from different sites in private playlists. Great if you want to save/watch videos from different providers in one place. Supports a lot of providers with more to come.

  • HUG is a private social network that helps you heal after the death of a loved one. It works by bringing you, your family and your friends together to celebrate the memory of your loved one. The platform gives ...

  • A colourful, musical memory game